Crafts for the Life Cycle of the Butterfly

Here are two fun crafts I created to highlight the life cycle of the butterfly. I used these projects when we studied the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Project 1:


Life Cycle of the Butterfly Worksheets. You can get the worksheets we used HERE. The sheets came from the mini unit study I created called From Caterpillar to Butterfly which is sold on CurrClick for 99 cents.




Follow directions on sheets.

Project 2:

Paper Bag Cocoon


paper bag

yarn, ribbon, or string

large thick pipe cleaner

foam cut out of a butterfly

stapler (optional: to be used by adult only)



Cut a hole in the bottom of the paper bag.

Wrap your pipe cleaner around a pencil to make a swirl to represent your caterpillar. You may also use a picture of a caterpillar, one made from construction paper or out of foam.

Attach your caterpillar to one end of your yarn by stapler or punch a hole in the caterpillar and tie it through there.

On the opposite side of the yarn or ribbon staple the butterfly or punch a hole through the butterfly and tie the yarn securely.

Now thread the ribbon through the paper bag so the caterpillar is on one end the the butterfly on the other.

To demonstrate the process of transformation place the butterfly inside the bag and leave the caterpillar out on the other opposite end. Then show the caterpillar going into the bag, talk about the cocoon, and finally pull the butterfly out while the caterpillar remains inside.

Real Science 4 Kids now has a Pre-Level course for their subjects. In the Biology book there is a section on the Life Cycle of the Butterfly. This is appropriate for Kindergartners. However, with parental help it can be used with a child just below Kindergarten age but not as young as 2 or 3.

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