Crafts: Making Custom Gift Bags

I love gift bags. They are so cute and so handy. You can find all kinds from birthday to holiday themes, or simple solid colors. There are also plain paper gift bags available at discount stores and craft supply stores, or you can use brown lunch bags. You and your kids can decorate them to give them a personalized touch.

Bags can be decorated with craft paints and stamps, stencils, stickers, or any other art supplies you’d like to use. Creating a gift bag especially for someone you love and incorporating things that he or she is interested in into the design makes any gift feel more special.

If Dad loves to golf, his little artists can create their own renditions of golf balls, golf clubs, and a green on the bag. They can glue a real golf tee to it for a three-dimensional effect and then put “Dad” on the bag in bold lettering. This will make any tie or pack of golf balls into a truly special Father’s Day gift.

If Mom’s favorite color is pink, start with a pink bag. Add lace or fancy trims around the opening of the bag and glue on bows, beads, sequins, or glitter. Maybe mom is a coffee lover (like me). The little ones can paint a coffee cup on the gift bag and fill the bag with special flavored coffee for Mother’s Day.

If a teacher’s birthday is just around the corner, kids can make a gift bag with bright red felt apples on the front and back, or a black felt chalk board with a piece of real chalk glue on to make the design more dimensional. What teacher wouldn’t think such a cute bag deserves an A+?

Children can make custom gift bags for friends’ parties or siblings’ birthdays too. They can use great colors and textures and try to incorporate items their friends and siblings enjoy, whether that means sports, dance, art, puppies, horses, etc. If all else fails, they can simply decorate and tape a few pieces of wrapped candy onto the bag.