Crazy Turkey Treats

I tried to come up with a cute and catchy name for the turkey-shaped sandwiches I make each Black Friday, but the fact is my young daughter’s moniker for the tasty treats stuck when she was a toddler, and now the entire family refers to them as “Crazy Turkey Sandwiches.”

The bite-sized birds are a breeze to make and are a perfect way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers:



Cocktail pumpernickel bread

Vegetable-flavored cream cheese


Red pepper




Slivered almonds


Directions (for one sandwich):

Spread vegetable cream cheese between two slices of cocktail pumpernickel bread.

For the head, use a small drinking glass or round cookie cutter to cut a circle from another slice of bread, then stick it to the top of the sandwich with a dab of cream cheese.

Add facial features: peas for the eyes, red pepper or pepperoni for snood, cashew for the beak, etc.

Use the slivered almonds and parsley as feathers between the bread slices.


This version works well with simple white or whole wheat bread. Just cut the bread with a large glass for the turkey’s head. Next, cut a triangle of cheese for the beak, use raisin halves for eyes, and a piece of strawberry Fruit Roll-Up, or a craisin for a snood. Place slices of turkey on another bread circle and place decorated bread on top.



Yellow cupcake

Chocolate frosting

3 oval shortbread cookies (Keebler Sandies or Pepperidge Farm Milano)

6 to 10 candy corn pieces

White icing

Black decorators’ gel

Strawberry Fruit by the Foot


Frost the cupcake, then press in a cookie head and two cookie wings.

Press in a row or two of candy corn tail feathers.

For eyes, add two small dots of white icing to the head, and then add dots of black decorators’ gel for pupils.

For beak, cut the white tip from a piece of candy corn and press it on the cupcake.

To make snood, cut a 1-inch square of Fruit by the Foot. Roll it into a tube and stick it in place under the beak.

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