Create a Collage (2)

While collecting your items for your collage scrapbook page, you might also with to consider and then incorporate any of the following items:

  • candy wrappers
  • bubble gum wrappers
  • specialty papers (mulberry, suede, metallic, etc.)
  • ticket stubs
  • wrapping paper
  • wall paper
  • tissue paper
  • tinfoil
  • stationary
  • stamps
  • and any other flat item

So, now it’s time to start gluing our collage together. When you are ready, just begin gluing things overlapping each other. Don’t worry about being perfect, or going over the background paper. You can always use your paper trimmer to cut the access off at the end. Just flip the paper over, and trim along the edges of the background paper getting rid of the excess.

Once you have all of your collage items adhered to your scrapbook page, it’s time to work with the photos. Because you might have used some acidic items in your collage, you might consider using a de-acidification spray. However, I have another tip that works. Take a piece of acid-free cardstock and adhere your photos to it. Cut them out leaving barely any edge. This separates the photograph from the unsafe material, still allowing you the fun and creativity you desire.

Arrange and rearrange your photographs on your collage to find the best look. You can even overlap your photos somewhat to continue the collage theme. Or if you are working with duplicate photographs (in other words you have the negative so you can make more eventually), then you can adhere the photos into the collage much the same way you did with the other scraps.

Once you are happy with the arrangement of your photos, secure them to the background.

Technically you can quit right here and be finished, however some like to add 3D items now, as in ribbon embellishments, charms and other items. Don’t forget to create a journal box or tag if you’d like to add your thoughts.

You’re all done! You’ve now created a collage style scrapbook page! Slip it into your page protector and start working on another one!

Do you have any cool materials you can think of to add to a collage?

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