Create A Family Book

In a previous blog, I wrote about birthday letters as a way to honor your child each year. This idea came from the book, Everyday Opportunities for Extraordinary Parenting and the ideas jammed inside the book are just that– extraordinary.

Another great idea I found is a way to honor your entire family by creating a family book. The family book is a way to chronicle your family’s life and create lasting memories. Interested in creating your own family book? Read on to find out how.

Start by purchasing a sturdy photo album or three-ring binder and clear plastic sleeves. Next, fill your book with keepsakes including:

Photos of family and friends

Locks of hair from first haircuts (especially first cuts, if possible)

Menus from favorite restaurants

Programs from school performances or other productions your child participated in– theatre, ballet, etc.

Baby teeth

Mementos from family outings– ticket stubs, postcards, etc.

Mementos from your children’s field trips

Report cards

School photos


Newspaper clippings about honor roll or any awards your children receive

Recording of your child’s voice singing, talking, etc.

Interviews with grandparents and other family members

Locks of hair from beloved family pets

The authors also suggest additional ways we can honor our family including:

(1) Striving to create a stable, loving family where each member feels a sense of belonging.

(2) Spending quality time with our family on a routine basis.

(3) Creating new family traditions and preserving old ones.

(4) Treating family dinner time as sacred.

(5) Telling stories and sharing memories from our own childhood.

(6) Preserving family memories with photos, journals, and video and audio recording.

(7) Celebrating ordinary moments and special occasions.

It seems like today many families spend more time apart than together. We need to change that. We have to make family time a top priority and with a little effort we can find the time to do so. Instead of over-scheduling or kids for yet another class that they don’t want to attend anyway, use that time to spend quality time getting to know your kids. Start new traditions or re-establish old ones. Do if for your kids, do it for your family, they’ll thank you for it later.

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