Create a Fun, Fall Scrapbook

Fall is just officially a few days away, although here in Wisconsin it already feels like fall. I have to say that this is my favorite season. I love the cooler temperatures, when the leaves begin to change colors, drinking hot cocoa and making homemade soups.

There is just something cozy about this time of year. What better way to capture the joy of fall than to create a fun, fall scrapbook. A fall scrapbook is a wonderful way to personalize what this season means to you.

To create a fall scrapbook you may need to start planning pictures that you will take. So often when we think of scrapbooking, we think of creating one after we already developed pictures. How about planning ahead of time the types of pictures you will take?

Think of a great area you can go to where the leaves change colors and stage pictures of your family. They can be pictures of your family jumping in the leaves, taking a hike, sitting by a fire, the possibilities are endless.

You could even use real leaves (that have been pressed and preserved) to decorate your pages. The color of your album could be a burnt orange, brown or softer red. Then you could fill page after page of what fall means to you.

Pictures don’t always have to be of people. I love taking close-ups of flowers during the spring. How about creating a harvest look outdoors with gourds, pumpkins and a scarecrow? You could include a picture of that in your scrapbook.

What about bobbing for apples? Those would be fun pictures to take. You could visit an apple orchard and take snapshots of that. Put on your creativity hat and you will come up with all kinds of ideas to create a really fun, fall scrapbook.

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