Create a Stronger Marriage Despite Financial Stress

older couple moneyDid you know that one of the top reasons for divorce is because of financial stress? It’s crazy that money can drive marriage to disaster.

Is It the Money or the Coping?

What is it really that makes couples end their relationship though? Is it the money or is something else? I am going to put my money on something else.

Couples who are in a financially strained situation are under an extraordinary amount of stress. Not only are they unable to pay bills, but they may have to work longer hours to make ends meet.

What happens is that when one person goes out to make money to pay for the financial matters of the household, it starts to create a separation in the relationship. The couples are no longer working together to alleviate the stress, but rather they are going their own way to make the situation better.

Instead of working more, there may be a better answer. It’s not always the increase in income that pays off debt, it’s the reduction of expenses that does.

Creating a Partnership in Financial Recovery

Resentment occurs when one partner has to deal with all of the financial recovery. This compounds the stress of already not being able to pay bills and the distance between the couple.

For many couples, working more isn’t the best answer to debt pay off. Making sacrifices that come from both partners is how to pay off debt.

If you are able to come to an agreement about a tighter budget, both partners will feel that they are taking on the responsibility of the debt. This makes them feel like they are in it together.

Better Marriage under Financial Stress

No one should have to feel they must make more sacrifices than their partner. If so, financial stress will take over and this will ultimately separate a partnership and ruin a marriage.

The key is that the couples must agree on what each person will do in the marriage to help the situation. When couples take steps together to ensure they get their financial situation under control, they start to feel like partners. This partnership makes them feel closer in the marriage and stronger when they overcome the insurmountable obstacle that so many couples can never conquer.

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