Create Priorities

Recently I discussed how many students fall behind in college because of the lack of goals and plans and true study skills. One concept that enhances study skills and grades greatly is organization. In addition to getting organized there are other things that college and even high school students can do to increase their success in school.

Older students have many other obligations and desired in their life besides schools. Many have family priorities and jobs. The key is to set priorities for the time that will be given to each need in your life. Studying and schoolwork must be put in that list of priorities.

Be certain to also schedule in free time and fun activities. When you have set time aside for studying and completing school work do not compromise on your time.

If you have planned ahead of time and have it in your mind that you will spend a given time on your studies then you are less likely to give that time up for something else.

Do not plan large amounts of time every so often to catch up on schoolwork. Make sure that you plan small amounts of time daily to get your work done so it does not pile up and get too much for you to handle.

By planning to complete short intervals of work at a time you will be less likely to burn out. Trying to take on a large amount of work at one time will only leave you tired and frustrated with school.

Once you get behind on your work it is very easy to lose control and very hard to catch up.

Setting priorities for your days is a great way to stay focused on what it is that matters the most to you and were you see yourself in the future.

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