Create with the Designers DVDs

Have you ever thought that it would be nice to invite an accomplished scrapbooker into your home to show you a few tricks of the trade; I may have a fun solution for you! Create with the Designers from Two-Bit Productions creates DVD with well-known scrapbookers and artists where they walk you through a scrapbooking project.

I just watched a copy of their altered scrapbooking DVD which is hosted by Susan Ure, owner of a gift shop in Utah with a great talent for creating altered art.

This was an educational interactive DVD that has a segment recorded by Susan Ure in a beautifully decorated scrapbooking space. She walks the viewer through all of the necessary steps for creating an altered book. I really appreciated that she spoke slowly and clearly, which made it easy to follow what she way creating. I really liked that the screen showed the names of the different materials or processes she was doing.

Although I felt this DVD was mainly geared at beginners, I was still able to learn some new techniques since I have never altered an existing book before. I was surprised to learn that you can just glue big sections of pages together and turn a book that is over 100 pages into a book that has just 16 pages. I would have thought that it would not look very good, but after seeing Susan put it all together, it is something that I plan on trying myself.

In addition to the video on creating altered books, there were two other sections that teach about basic scrapbooking techniques and basic materials used in scrapbooking.

I thought that they had a very comprehensive list of basic materials and did a very good job explaining how to use the materials. They also shared a lot about the specific types of materials such as all of the different types of adhesives and what you would want to use the different adhesives (paper, ribbons, embellishments.)

The techniques section is perfect for beginners who want to learn more about how to master basic scrapbooking skills such as using ribbon, applying adhesives and paper tearing.

There is also a gallery on the DVD and in an instruction booklet included with the DVD that includes so images of different altered book projects.

The DVD also is a CD-ROM that contains images that you may use on your own projects and wallpaper that you could use for your desktop background.

They also offer other scrapbooking DVDs that may interest you such as Designer Scrapbooks with Anna Griffin, Designer Scrapbooks with Sandi Genovese, Paper Crafts with Anna Corba, and Scrapbooking with April Cornell. Each of the DVDs has different techniques and meterials sections, so you will be able to learn something new from each DVD.

I think this DVD would make a wonderful gift for someone who is interested in scrapbooking and wants to learn more about the basics. The altered book portion of the DVD is informational and interesting for scrapbookers at all levels. Each DVD retails for $19.95.

If you are interested in purchasing this DVD, you can visit the Create with the Designers website for more information.