Create Your Own Light Box for Scrapbooking

Light boxes can be expensive. In fact, they range so drastically in price, you almost wonder what the huge difference is, since they can so inexpensively be duplicated or created at home.

Making your own light box or making something else work as a light box is really very simple. Here are my four most favorite ways to create your own light box.


This is so easy. Hold your papers up to the window, just as you would if you were placing them directly onto the light box. Go ahead and trace. You have a free light box at your service. The downside? You can’t do it after it gets dark!

Glass Topped Coffee Table

My coffee table used to be a glass top. It was the perfect idea. You can use a flashlight, small lamp or whatever light source you can come up with. Place it beneath the table, and place your papers right on top of the coffee table, just as if it was the light box. You should be able to see right through the paper if you have the light positioned right behind it.

Clear Plastic Storage Containers

Here is another way that I have created a make-shift light box. Using a small plastic container, flip it upside down, and place a light beneath it. You should be able to set your papers down on top, and with ease, trace the papers you have. The best part of this particular method is that it’s really cheap and easy and you can move the container wherever you want it so it is more convenient or comfortable. Plus this method is portable!

Bathroom Shower Doors

Well, if nightfall has happened, and you are no longer able to use the windows in your home, you still have the shower door. The easiest way to do this is to turn on your bathroom light, and step into the shower closing the door behind you. The light from the bathroom acts as the sun through the window. Hold your paper up to the door and you should be able to trace without a problem. Ok, so drawback with this method? You have to be sure the shower doors are clean and dry, and some shower doors are textured or bumpy. This can really mess up your tracing!

Hope you got some great ideas if you don’t own your own light box. You don’t have to spend a fortune on some big box when you have the things you need right there in your own home!

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