Create Your Own Postage Stamps

After spending time creating a custom card or invitation, it would be nice to be able to add a personal touch to the envelope too. Although there are many options for personalizing the envelope, creating your own postage stamps could be just the solution you are looking for to create a fun and customized card. allows you tp upload your own photo and then print it out as real USPS postage. There are many fun possibilities with this product.

This would be great to use on baby announcements. You could include a favorite picture on the new baby on the stamp and view the receiver a little glimpse into what is awaiting them inside of the envelope.

It would also add a really nice touch to a wedding or bridal shower invitation.

A friend of mine received a sheet of stamps for each of her children, each featuring a photo of the child it was given to. Kids would love seeing themselves of a stamp, so this is a great gift idea.

Creating your stamp is a very easy process. You just have to upload your photo from your computer. Then you choose from their selection of 10 photo frames one that best suits your needs. It’s almost like creating a mini digital layout for your picture!

The price for these stamps is higher that the face value on the stamp. They come in sheets of 20 stamps per sheet and you only have to order one sheet. You do get a price break with the more sheets of stamps that you order. This would definitely be a splurge item because the cost of these stamps is a little more that double the postage value on the stamp.

Although I wouldn’t use these to pay the bills, I think that having a sheet of the stamps around for special occasion cards would be a great idea.

For more information on printing your photo stamps, you can click here.

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