Creating a Christmas Layout

It is the season of giving and making memories. We want to preserve our Christmas memories with photos in our scrapbooks. What is the best layout for our Christmas photos? Here are some ideas:

A scrapbook is a way in which we can be creative and record memories on paper with photos, sentiments and embellishments. That said, take a look at Christmas decorations. I’m going to use the decorating theme I used in my home as the theme for my Christmas layout in my scrapbook. I used reindeer as the theme for my decorating. I have a collection of reindeer decorations, so I’m going to use a cutout of a reindeer looking over the page of my scrapbook as my layout.

First, I’ll make the reindeer from brown cardstock. I’ll place him at the top corner of the page and have him looking down at the rest of the page. I’ll do this for both pages of my two-page layout. I’ll have Rudolph on the page on the left and Dasher on the page on the right.

For Rudolph’s nose, I will use a circle of red metallic wrapping paper. I’ll use eyes from my craft supplies and I’ll draw the rest. Since I’m using brown cardstock for the reindeer, I’ll use that for the photo frames as well.

If I were to make another layout to include additional pages, I think I would use Santa Claus and a Christmas tree. I could make the Christmas tree out of green cardstock and use scraps of wrapping paper to cut out the ornaments. Santa would be easy. Red cardstock and white felt for his outfit and hat, then would just draw in his face with a marker.

I’m leaning toward the animated Christmas theme because I have a young child and will be including pictures of him opening presents on Christmas morning. If you have decorated with angels and had a big family gathering, consider using an angel theme and center one family portrait on the page. You could place angels around the sides of the page and feature the entire family in one photo. Use sentiments to state the general mood of the photo. Was everyone gathered around the fireplace at Grandma’s house? Perhaps everyone is singing around the piano? What layout captures the feel of your family Christmas the best?

Finally, don’t forget to put the year on your layout. Years from now when you are looking back at your scrapbook, you will appreciate having the year posted. I like adding the year to the bottom corner of the layout. What other ideas do you have for Christmas layouts?

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