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My daughter is counting down the days until the release of HOP, the animated movie about the Easter Bunny who doesn’t want to carry on the family tradition of handing out goodies on the day of Jesus’ resurrection. The film is destined to be a major blockbuster. I don’t see how it couldn’t given the mass publicity it has been getting; couple that with the insane amount of merchandising (have you been to Wal-Mart’s Easter section?) and you have the recipe for box office success. Heck, even my local scrapbook store is getting in on the action. The seasonal display that sits in the middle of the store includes chicks from the movie made from chalk and flocking powder.

I happen to love flocking powder, so having another reason to use it makes me as happy as the Easter Bunny cooking up his chocolate double. You can find flocking powder at scrapbook supply stores, craft stores (such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby), and in craft sections at major discount retailers. It is sold in small jars and is made by various manufacturers, including Stampendous, Inc. and Martha Stewart.

With flocking powder a little goes a long way. It is designed to give objects or scenes a fuzzy, velvet-like appearance, so you can imagine how well it works to enhance a drawing of a baby chick.

Using flocking powder is simple, though you don’t want to go overboard as it is not exactly cheap. To embellish a design with flocking powder, cover your work space with a sheet of paper. Next, use a glue pen on the design you want to flock and carefully sprinkle a layer of flocking powder over the adhesive. Allow it to set, then add a second coat. Once that sets, blow off any excess powder, remove the design and adhere it to your layout. Finally, roll up the paper with the leftover powder and pour it back in the jar. If you have a brayer you can run it over a piece of paper placed on top of the flocked design to make the powder stick better.

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