Creating a Journal Scrapbook

A journal scrapbook is similar to a regular one in that it captures memories but it is filled with more words than pictures. It serves almost as if it’s a diary. I started putting one together a few years ago and laid it aside but I plan on picking it back up again.

I happened to save enough memorabilia over the years, going back into my childhood days that I can put together a pretty nice journal scrapbook. One of the pages of my journal scrapbook holds a dog biscuit. Now that might sound strange but let me explain why. It’s the last dog biscuit I held onto after my childhood pet was put to sleep. That dog was very special to me and holds in my heart a great many memories. I held onto that biscuit through all these years and was able to capture on that page all of my thoughts and feelings about what it was like to have Sasha in my life.

Pictures are wonderful. Sometimes they say a lot but sometimes they don’t say enough. That’s where journaling comes in and makes up for the missing space. Journaling requires that you take time to look inside and recall memories, visit old feelings and share from the depths of your heart. Journaling is a peek into your life that after you are long gone, may become a true treasure to those you leave behind.

I am all about creating memories. I think the written word is one of the best ways to do that. A journal scrapbook will take you back in time and help you understand the person you have become. It speaks of your experiences, your past and how all of that weaves together to create what your life has become. Journaling can also be very healing. If you have experienced a painful past, this is your chance to voice that.

A journal scrapbook is like a piece of you that is captured and contained. Take the time to start putting one together, adding to it slowly. In the end you will have created a very wonderful gift that is just for you or to be passed on.

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