Creating a Recipe Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is not just a way to preserve photographs and memories. You can create a variety of scrapbooks that preserve other things such as your family recipes. What better way to hand down some of your family’s favorite dishes than by creating a recipe scrapbook.

My 13-year-old daughter recently got her hands on a sugar cookie recipe from her grandmother. She just loves to bake and has become so good at it that she scoffs at me when I bring home the ready-to-break cookie dough or the kind that you just slice.

I’m not entirely sure where she got her love for baking from because it certainly didn’t come from me. But she was very thrilled to receive this recipe because it was something her dad used to enjoy when he was a kid. My husband had mentioned to her how his mom made the best sugar cookies so she had to get that recipe.

As it turns out, they really are the very best sugar cookies I have ever had. It got me thinking about some of my own mom’s recipes and how I would love to compile all of them. A recipe scrapbook would be a fun and creative way to do that.

I was thinking about old newspaper clippings that I have and old black and white photos of family members that could also be incorporated. You could use vintage looking embellishments or paper to create an “old” feel.

Another fun idea would be to include quotes from the person who used to make the recipe. You could journal around the recipe card memories or events that incorporated using that particular recipe.

There are really an endless amount of ideas that could make a recipe scrapbook something very special. Imagine handing it down to a daughter or granddaughter. That would be something very special to treasure for years to come and hopefully, to continue being passed down.

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