Creating a School Scrapbook

In my ongoing quest to find new things to scrapbook, I just came up with yet another one. Over the years I have kept important school papers in binders. I label each binder with my child’s name and the grade. It is so neat to go back several years and look at their work.

Now I don’t keep everything. I only keep really important stuff like when they first wrote their name, awards, special writing assignments and that sort of thing. I keep them protected in clear page protectors.

The binders are nice because it keeps everything organized but they aren’t the prettiest to look at.

So I have decided to start a new scrapbook project in turning those binders into special scrapbooks for school. This way I can not only incorporate special papers, ribbons and certificates but I can also include pictures.

If you are anything like me, you have doubles of your pictures. They have been sitting in piles for a long time. Or you may have extra copies of the professional school pictures that get taken. You finally have a use for them.

All of those pictures can be utilized in the school scrapbook. It will be nice to associate the first time they wrote their name to a picture of what they looked like in that grade.

I also have so many memories from their school years stuck in my head. This gives me a way to transfer them onto paper. I can journal fun things like how I used to have to tear my youngest son off my leg for the first half year of kindergarten. Or I can journal about my daughter’s favorite teacher.

Don’t throw away those school papers or those extra copies of school pictures that seem to accumulate every year. You can create a special school scrapbook that will hold some treasured memories for years to come.

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