Creating a School Year Scrapbook

Education is our future. Our children are in school an enormous part of their young lives. Learning and growing right before our eyes, and if we blink, we will miss it. So how do you go about scrapbooking those important years? Create a school year scrapbook and add it to it each year.

With five children, creating a school year scrapbook was an easy and necessary decision. We take so many photographs and attend so many events during the school year, there was just no possible way to include it all in our regular albums. At least not on individual pages.

So we created a school year album.

If you designate one album for school year only, it makes creating pages for each year much easier. Keep snapping all the photos you usually take, except don’t scrapbook each event by itself. Instead, at the end of the year, or periodically in the year, assemble a two page layout with as many photos as you can fit with a bit of journaling too.

Include aspects of that child’s year. What his interests and hobbies were, who her best friends were, what his favorite subject is, or what her favorite thing they did at school that year was. Be sure and get that yearly shot of the teacher and student and if you’re lucky, you can get one at the start of the year, and the end of the year.

If you attend parties during the year, be sure and create one layout that includes all of them. Try to include group shots to get some variety and to allow your child to enjoy seeing their friends faces in their special school year album too. It only takes about six pages (3 two page layouts) to commemorate one school year. You can continue to add year after year into the same album and your child will enjoying looking at all school related activities in one place.

If you want to include memorabilia and those type of items, go ahead and slip them between the two pages that are in the page protector or create one of your pages to be a pocket so it can hold teacher notes, report cards, progress reports and awesome papers.

Commemorating this time for your child is important, and what easier way than putting it all together in one place, and making life just a little easier for yourself.

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