Creating a Space for Meditation

Meditation offers a wide range of physical and emotional benefits. There are many techniques and types of meditation. Regardless of the type of meditation you practice, choosing the right place and time for your practice and taking the time to create a relaxing environment will support the practice.

Pick a spot that is quiet and away from the flow of traffic in your home. You don’t want to try to meditate in the family room when the family is traipsing in and out, asking questions directly or just making background noise that will take your focus off your practice. This is definitely not the best way to find stillness.

Choosing the right time of day can help with family traffic and having the opportunity to practice alone. If noise is a problem or you have small children, consider getting up earlier, meditating after the rest of the family is asleep or even during the kids’ naptimes can be the perfect opportunity. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of time.

Consider how you can create the optimum atmosphere for relaxed meditation. This varies, depending on the individual. Some people like to light some candles or even scented candles. Others prefer an open window that allows fresh air to circulate in the space, if you live in a quiet area.

Ideally, you want silence around you as you relax and meditate. Some people find silence distracting. In this case, you may want to have very quiet music playing in the background. There are meditation CDs available, but you can easily choose something soothing or nature sounds.

Turn off all electronic devices, or better yet, remove them from the room. This includes the television, cell phone and even the house phone. The idea is to get rid of anything that has the potential to distract you and interrupt your practice. Many people have trouble focusing and electronics only make matters worse.

Make sure you have a comfortable position for meditation. For most types of meditation, you should be sitting upright in an alert position, but cushioned for comfort. You can use pillows, blankets or meditation cushions – whatever is most comfortable for you.

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