Creating a Stroller First-Aid Kit

When my kids were little, I took a lot of long walks with them in the stroller or double stroller. It got me out of the house, and it was good exercise. We also took the stroller out for practical reasons, such as when shopping, going to the park, attending a community even or having some family fun. At one point, it felt as though our stroller was another appendage attached to either my body or my husband’s.

One thing I have learned from all of that stroller pushing is that the basket attached is essential. Of course, a diaper bag when the kids are really little complete with snacks and maybe a water bottle for mom are standards, but it is also a good idea to have a mini first-aid kit that fits in the stroller as well.

This is because there is always some kid somewhere (hopefully not yours) who will be hurt any time you take that stroller out. It could be as simple as a stumble on the sidewalk to a good sized fall from playground equipment. If you have some first-aid essentials already packed in your stroller, you and your children will be in good shape for the next uh-oh moment.

What should you keep in your stroller first-aid kit? Try gathering the following items.

Bottled water: Remember that bottled water for mom? You can also use it to rinse out cuts if needed.

Hand sanitizer: When soap and water aren’t available, this will help keep your kids germ free during snack time, or if they happen to pick up something questionable.

Cold compress: Pack one of the instant cold packs that just have to be snapped to get cold. These packs are great for reducing swelling from bumps and bruises.

Antibiotic ointment: Neosporin or a simple ointment is a must for treating wounds and preventing infections. Neosporin also makes an instant spray, if you prefer.

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