Creating Binder Scrapbooks

When you think of scrapbooking what usually comes to mind? Most of us think about scrapbooking as a way to preserve memories. Sometimes, though, we need to think outside of the box when it comes to preserving memories through scrapbooking.

I love the fancy, beautiful binders that can be found when you are getting ready to work on a scrapbook project. I have a variety of colors, sizes and themes when it comes to my scrapbooks. They are filled with pictures and other memorabilia that I really do treasure.

Not only do I treasure pictures, though, I also treasure keepsakes from over the years while my children have been in school. As soon as they all entered school, I began keeping what I call “binder scrapbooks.”

A binder scrapbook is really nothing more than a typical 3-ring binder you would find at any store. It is filled with page protectors that hold a variety of items. They contain awards, report cards, notes written, pictures drawn, some of their writings and other types of work from school. Each binder is labeled with my child’s name and the grade they were in for that year of school.

Using my youngest as an example, I now have a binder scrapbook from the time he entered kindergarten and through this last year of him being in elementary school. Not only do I treasure these keepsakes but my children absolutely love going back in time and looking at how they used to write, how they couldn’t spell, what they thought about, and what kinds of grades they received.

These days you can find decorated binders or choose from a variety of colors. Many binders have a clear pocket that you can slide a cover page into. There is so much you can really do with a binder scrapbook. So instead of automatically tossing out papers from school, keep those that you think you might want to one day go back and look at.

I am so thankful to have the first time my son wrote his name in school. I love reading my daughter’s thoughts about things that our family went through. And now that my oldest is close to ending his high school years, those binders really do hold a special place for me in my heart.

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