Creating Fun and Interesting Photographs

Most times when we think about creativity in scrapbooking we are concerned with colors, layout and the embellishments that we use. However creativity can also be found in the photographs that make up the scrapbook.

Although the creation of our scrapbook pages is important, the real focal point is supposed to be about the pictures. There are ways to make photographs more interesting and fun.

Typically when we take pictures of others we ask them to pose. However sometimes the best pictures are the ones people don’t pose for. Capturing a moment that isn’t staged can make for a great photograph.

If you do take pictures of people posing, try something different. Instead of the typical pose where people stand in the usual formation and smile, create a different look by having everyone stand in a v-formation. Stagger the people so it’s not so uniform. Have them lie down on their backs, creating a circle and just take a picture of their faces.

Smiles are great, of course. But for fun you can ask the people you are photographing to make a silly face or stick their tongue out. Funny faces make for enjoyable photographs.

Take close-up shots and long-distance shots. Mix things up. Stand on top of something so you are taking a picture from higher above. It creates a different look. You can even lie down and shoot a picture looking up for another interesting view.

Fun shots can be done with props. Have everyone wear sunglasses or a hat. Take a picture of everyone enjoying an ice cream cone. Get action shots of people playing ball, splashing in the water or throwing a Frisbee.

You can create fun and interesting photographs with a little creativity and thinking outside the box. I guarantee that it will really spruce up your next scrapbook page.

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