Creating Gifts as a Scrapbooker (1)

scrapbooking giftsBeing such a scrapbook addict, I tend to think about scrapbooking 24/7. Yes, when I’m eating, sleeping and even driving around. It’s also made me think of ways that allow me to use my scrapbooking skills for other things.

For instance, when my children have a school project, we often use my scrapbook supplies to create wonderful masterpieces they can be proud of! I also enjoy making Christmas cards using my scrapbook supplies.

Using your scrapbook supplies for other projects, and even gifts can be a great way to use up paper scraps, leftover embellishments, and a fun way to think of new ways to use old things.

In addition to creating cards with your scrapbook supplies, there is a whole plethora of creative ways to use your skills to create beautiful, treasured gifts.

I’d like to share some gift ideas that not only are fun to give, but wonderful to receive. You’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along!

Themed Mini Book
One of my favorite things to create for friends and family are themed mini-books. Traditionally these are usually either a recipe book which I compile of favorite recipes they can try with their families. It’s been a big hit with 3 of my friends and I continue to make them. I have also created two poetry mini books. These were filled with my own original poetry I had created about the recipient. I can assure you that these were more treasured than any store bought gift I could have ever given! One friend received her book over a year ago and just very recently emailed me and told me how wonderful it was and that she passes it everyday and thinks of me.

Photo Frames
You purchase a plain, inexpensive frame and cover it with patterned paper. Or you can use the patterned paper to create a mat to place inside the frame. Choose a favorite photo and pop it in place. This makes a wonderful gift for grandparents, teachers and best friends!

Everyone needs a calendar every year. Create a calendar with a different layout each month is fun. And let me tell you how fun it can be staging the photos. You can either select from photos that have already been taken or set up a photo shoot with some props that coordinate with that month. Have fun with it and you’ll be doing it again next year.

There are all sorts of great things you can make using your scrapbook supplies. Check out part two of this article by watching my blog!