Creating Gifts as a Scrapbooker (2)

scrapbooking giftsCreating gifts with your supplies is really very easy. In an earlier article I gave you a couple of ideas to get you started. I thought I’d add to this and give you a few more that I thought of.

Whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day or a Birthday, giving a gift you created yourself is usually the best kind!

Here are a few more ideas.

Beginners Scrapbook Kit
What a fun gift to put together. And it’s a terrific gift for someone who might really want to scrapbook, but either doesn’t have the supplies or doesn’t know where to begin. Start by choosing your “gift bag”. You can use a paint can, decorated box, basket, or just a standard gift bag that you might embellish yourself or leave as is. When putting the kit together, you will first need to pick out an assortment of papers. I recommend purchasing a package of papers. You will also want to include a good pair of scissors and a good adhesive. You could also go so far as to create a booklet on your own with beginning tips and perhaps some good websites to check out for layout ideas or just general scrapbook how-to’s.

Bathtub Stick-Ons
These are a great gift idea for the little one on your list. You will need a nice assortment of templates, probably with kid designs on them. Purchase some foam sheets from the craft store. Place your template onto the craft sheet and using a pencil, trace the template outline onto the foam. Cut out the shapes. You are left with some very cute, but truly budget friendly bathtub cling-ons. When wet, the foam shapes will stick to the side of the bathtub. You can use a die cut machine to do this as well.

Page Kits or Completed Layouts
If you have a lot of supplies and you are willing to part with some of them, putting together page kits or completed layouts for your friend, is a great gift idea. Either purchase an album with some page protectors and put together some page kits to get them started, or just create a whole bunch of layouts finishing everything but the journaling and adding photos and place them into an album. Your friends might enjoy scrapbooking more if they are still beginners. By seeing what you have done, it can help them along. Plus they will complete an album a lot quicker this way!

Gift Certificates
Make gift certificates for friends that say different things like: “Good for one scrapping night – with my supplies!” “Good for lunch and a scrapping session” or
“Good for one scrapbooking lesson.” This is a very inexpensive gift, and it will also motivate your friends and you to work on your albums. Use your scrapbook supplies to embellish these cute coupons and certificates.

Whatever gift idea you decide to use, create from the heart. It’s always the thought that counts!

Do you have a cute idea for a gift using your scrapbooking supplies? Please share with me!