Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Events

Creating Keepsakes is a scrapbook company that in addition to offering a monthly scrapbook magazine also offers many classes, conventions and online classes. Keeping up with all they have to offer can be difficult. They now have a new website, that gives the user ability to know about the many scrapbooking events that they offer.

This site has five different categories for the classes that they offer. Here are the 6 different categories with a brief summary of what you can expect to find out in the section.

CKU – This stands for Creating Keepsakes University. CKU is a three-day scrapbooking event that is filled with classes taught by some of the favorite scrapbook teachers in the business.

Conventions – The conventions offers classes that the users can sign up for one class at time. There is also a vendor hall where you can shop to your hearts content.

Cruises – You can sigh up to go one of the Creating Keepsakes cruises and enjoy time on the ship attending scrapbooking classes while also enjoying exotic stops along the way.

Home Study – This is a new set of classes that will be offered this fall. Check back for more information.

You can register for any of these events on the site.

This site also shares a tip of the week, so you can come back and visit the site weekly for new inspiration. There is also a list of a few scrapbooking “celebrities” with profiles of each of them.

For an easy reference of when you can attend classes, they have a calendar so you can easily find dates and classes that will work with your schedule.

There are also updates on online events and chats.

So stop by the website and see if there is a class or event coming to your area that you may want to attend.