Creating Page Kits

Putting together page kits can be a huge time saver when you are ready to sit down and create layouts. A page kit is a collection of photos, patterned paper, cardstock, and embellishments that you want to use on a layout. This is especially helpful to have when you are going to a crop so that you don’t have to haul loads of scrapbook supplies that you won’t even use.

I’d like to share some tips I’ve learned about creating page kits that should make it easy on you.

First choose your photos. Since photos are usually the most important part of the layout, you should choose the photos first so that you can build everything else around them.

Sketch out your page layout. This will give you a good idea of how much space you will need for embellishments and patterned paper. For more information on sketches, you can check out this blog by Nicole.

Select the cardstock you will need for your layout. Choose colors that will complement the colors in your photos.

Add patterned paper. If you want to use patterned paper on your layout, choose 2 or 3 sheets of paper that coordinate with the cardstock and photos. I like to include an extra sheet or two so that I can have more options once I get to the crop.

Think about the title for the page and include the alphabet you want to use. If you are going to use your handwriting, remember to pack your favorite pen.

Put in a couple of embellishments. Choose a couple of things you might want to use on the page. Remember to include things like stamp pads and ribbon if you will want to use them.

Once you page kit is complete, you are ready for the crop. I like to create several page kits at one time. They seem to go quickly once I get started working on them.

I like to store all of the supplies for the page kit in Cropper Hopper’s Page in Progress storage holders. This let’s me keep everything organized and mobile.

One thing to remember is that your page may not turn out like you originally sketched, but that’s okay because you were able to use the sketch as a starting point.

If you make your page kits you may be the most productive person at your next crop!