Creating Personalized Keepsakes With Your Scrapbook Layouts

scrapbooking layouts richmont directI love personalized keepsakes. And when you can personalize something, it makes the memory last longer. I think as scrapbookers, we are always striving to find creative ways to showcase our beautiful layouts. Finding unique ways outside of your albums to display your layouts is always a challenge; however with these awesome products you just cannot go wrong!

scrapbooking layouts richmont directAre you looking for a unique and creative gift idea or something fun to do with that fabulous layout you just finished? Or do you have a layout you just love and really want to share with others? Then these are the products for you.

Richmont Direct offers a full line of personalized keepsake products especially for the photographer and now for the scrapbooker. In fact, they can take any scan-able image and turn it into something really unique and special.

scrapbooking layouts richmont directRichmont Direct Personalized Keepsakes is a full product line of customizable items. From mugs, to mouse pads, and aprons to tote bags, there is always something for everyone in this unique home-business line.

scrapbooking layouts richmont directThe patented process that the company uses is just remarkable. Your picture (or a scrapbook layout or page, child’s drawing or artwork, etc) will be permanently embedded within the object that they create for you. The best part is, it won’t wash, fade or peel away over time. Items are dishwasher and washing machine safe. And there are all sorts of life-time treasures to create using your pictures or layouts!

scrapbooking layouts richmont directIf you would like to find out more about Richmont Direct, the patented process, or if you would like to purchase a product shown or browse others, you can visit the website here and learn more about the Personalized Keepsakes line, or take a look at one of their other lines of products; cooking, home décor and jewelry.