Creating Single or Double Page Layouts

When I am teaching a scrapbook class, I am often asked some great questions that really get me thinking outside the box, so I can provide answers to my students. A very often asked question is “Should I do single or double paged layouts?”.

While there is really no right or wrong answer to that question, or many of the other questions I am asked, there is some helpful information that I can provide to help you make that decision yourself.

The main reasons that a scrapbooker would benefit from choosing a double page layout (two page layout) are:

  • Uniformity
  • Flow
  • If you take a ton of photos, this allows you to use more on your layouts.
  • An album is completed faster
  • Larger canvas to work with
  • Don’t feel so crammed

The main reasons that a scrapbooker would benefit from choosing a single page layout (only one page) are:

  • Layouts are completed quicker
  • If you don’t have enough photos of an event, this is eliminates the need for extra “items”
  • There is an almost collage like sense in looking at an album that is full of one page layouts which is appealing to many
  • More focus on your focal point photo

I’m usually asked what I do with my layouts. Well, I am a 12×12 sized scrapbooker who does double page layouts 95% of the time that I scrapbook. And although there is no primary reason that I do this, I guess I am a little OCD when it comes to uniformity and flow, plus I have a picture taking obsession and always have a zillion photographs of one event to scrapbook.

Making the choice might seem difficult to you, but it’s really very simple. When you sit down to create a layout, there are a few things to consider:

How many photos do you have that you want to go into this layout? If you have a lot, you might choose a double page spread. But if you only have one or two really great photos and the rest are duds, a one page layout is perfect.

What are you creating a layout about? If it is an event, often a two page spread is a more practical route to go because you might have lengthy journaling to include, memorabilia or other items. If you are just take a few candid photos and creating a layout, a one page spread will work fine for you.

Is there anything you want to hide? Often scrapbookers create hidden journaling in various locations on their layouts. On a single page spread this is easy and can be placed behind the photos or in a tag booklet. If you are ready to delve into some heavy duty journaling or writing, a two page spread might give you more to work with.

No matter which you choose, it’s a personal choice. There is no right or wrong way to create a layout. That’s the glory of creativity and certainly the glory of this fabulous hobby!