Creating Themed Scrapbooks

Themed scrapbooks are a fun idea. It helps to take away the scrapbookers block that so many of us get.

The idea behind a themed scrapbook is that you start off by picking any theme. Think of your favorite trip you took as a family. You could create a Disney scrapbook. Think of your favorite sport to play. You could create a football scrapbook. Think of your favorite hobby. You could create a recipe scrapbook.

Whoever the scrapbook is for, pick a theme that suits that person. If this is a family scrapbook, what theme encompasses what your family is about? Is it about spending time at the beach? Then you can create a beach scrapbook. Is the scrapbook for a family member? What do they most enjoy in life? If you have a family member who loves their dogs, you could create a pet scrapbook.

The ideas are endless. Once you have your theme you build your pages around that. Now you know what types of embellishments and stickers to get. They need to simply match the theme of your scrapbook.

Some themes might have specific colors so then you know what kind of paper to get. For instance, if I were to create a Green Bay Packer football scrapbook (I’m from Wisconsin), I would know that the colors I need are green and gold.

One of my favorite scrapbooks that I created was an aviation themed scrapbook. It was for my 16-year-old son who belongs to Civil Air Patrol and has a love for aviation. The embellishments, stickers and colors all fit perfectly. It wasn’t hard to find everything I needed because it simply had to fit the aviation theme.

Themed scrapbooks are personalized to a family or person’s interests and likes. That makes them even more special. So if you are having a hard time coming up with ideas for a scrapbook, try creating a themed scrapbook.

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