Creating Toddler Easter Baskets

Although the Easter Bunny will likely get credit for your creation, making an Easter basket for your toddler should be a fun and rewarding experience. Toddlers love waking up on Easter morning and finding a basket full of toys and goodies waiting for them.

Since we don’t want our toddlers on a sugar rush and ending up with an upset stomach, we don’t want too much candy in the basket. Also, because some of the candy and toys that are marketed for Easter baskets can be a choking hazard, we want to make sure everything in the basket is safe for toddlers.

A great way to fill a toddler Easter basket is with stuffed animals, bath tub toys and plastic blocks. Use plastic Easter eggs to add a bright and colorful touch to the basket. You can hide the eggs later for an Easter egg hunt.

Since most commercial Easter baskets are not safe for toddlers, it may be best to create your own basket. Here’s how:

Purchase a basket that is made of tightly woven wicker. Then, purchase a bag of fiber fill as used for pillows and enough material to cover the basket. Buy matching ribbon that matches the fabric you chose. You will need a hot glue gun and glue sticks for the project, as well as scissors and perhaps a cutting board.

Gather all of your items and follow these steps to create your basket:

*Spread the fabric out across a table or workspace, exterior of fabric facing down.

*Place fiber fill over fabric.

*Place basket in center of fiber fill covered fabric.

*Starting with a corner, pull the fabric and fiber fill up to cover the exterior of the basket.

*Use the glue gun to secure the fabric to the basket.

*Repeat pulling fabric up and securing until the basket is covered.

*Place another piece of material covering the inside of the basket to make a liner.

*Use glue dots from the hot glue gun to glue ribbon around the top outside edge of the basket.

*Use a glue dot from the glue gun to secure ribbon to the handle of the basket.

*Wind ribbon around the handle of the basket until entire handle is covered.

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