Creating Your Focal Point On Your Scrapbook Layout

Once you have chosen your focal point, it is time to look at ways to place the focal point on your scrapbook layout, as well as to find ways to actually create the focal point design.

The focal point is usually the largest. It might be an uncropped photograph, but it also could be a matted photograph, to make it appear larger. If it is a close up, often that in itself with help draw the eye to the photograph.

Using a photo mat is the best way to ensure that the viewer can see which photograph is the focal point right away. But do not just stop at matting the photograph, embellish the mat. Perhaps add a flower in the corner, or use brads or eyelets to anchor the mat to the page layout.

You could use beads, glitter or sequins to outline the mat. Another sure fire way to ensure the photograph gets the attention it needs and deserves is to use a coordinating piece of patterned paper to mat it. This is probably the easiest if you are going for a clean and simple look on your scrapbook layouts.

If you like to embellish or you like the collage or ephemera look, you could collage the background or around the photograph.

You could even do something cool to the actual photograph like turning it into a mosaic. Cut the photograph into even measured squares. Then place them down on a coordinating piece of cardstock measuring the distance between each one. The final outcome of a mosaic photograph is very cool and definitely draws attention.

Do you do anything cool to your photographs or mats to draw the attention to your focal point? Please share in the comments below.

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