Creating Your Own Worksheets

I would like to begin this article by stating that I am not a big fan of worksheets. However, in some cases they cannot be avoided.

When looking for worksheets to use with my students I have found that in many cases they do not meet my needs. Therefore many years ago I began making my own worksheets.

Computer programs make it very easy to create your own worksheets for the classroom. While word processing programs such as Word or Works can be used, I prefer a program with a few more freedoms such as a print shop program.

When using print shop programs text boxes can be created and moved to any location on the sheet that you desire. Graphics are also more easily inserted into the sheet.

When creating your own worksheets, think about the age group that you are creating the worksheet for. Younger children will need a bigger font and a larger space to write. Older children can more easily deal with a smaller font and smaller space for answers.

Always begin by making a place at the top for the student’s name. I then like to give my worksheet a title so I can quickly look at it in a file and know what skills or theme it addresses.

Make sure that the questions or problems on the sheet are easy to read and find. The sheet should not be too crowded or complicated with too many graphics.

Most print shop programs make it easy to create columns and tables. These items will can give your sheet some organization and a very professional look.

Always remember to proof read your teacher created worksheet for errors. Errors on sheets can be very confusing to the students and very embarrassing for you if you send the sheet home to parents.

Make use of the power of technology and save money by creating teaching materials of your own!

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