Creating Keepsakes Magazine: Top Ten Issue

Sometimes when I read a scrapbook article or look through a scrapbook magazine it just excites me with all of the fresh ideas I see. I just finished reading Creating Keepsakes latest publication, Our Top Ten Issue, and it was wonderful. It was so full of creative and practical ideas that really got me in the mood to go and scrapbook later tonight.

This magazine is a great resource for both the avid scrapbooker and someone new to the hobby. It covers the basic products you need for scrapbooking, tips for finishing pages quickly, ideas on improving your photos, and (of course) great layout inspiration.

The thing that makes this issue so special and different from other issues of their magazine was that it is divided into sections of top ten lists relating to different aspects of scrapbooking. One great section, especially for those new to the hobby was Top Ten Products We Can’t Scrap Without. The editors share their favorites from paper trimmers to paper to pens to lighting. They stick to the basics and cover all the important areas.

There is also a great section titled “Ten pages for $10” that gives great ideas on creating economical pages. The layouts gave great ideas on how to make your supplies really work for you.

“10 Selfless Scrappers” is a touching section filled with stories of people who are using scrapbooking to serve others. Even if you don’t scrapbook, but want to be a positive influence in others lives, this section gives some wonderful ideas on how do get involved in a worthy cause.

My favorite section was titled “10 Must Have Products.” I must admit that I don’t own any of them (yet!) There were several products that I have been thinking about purchasing for a while (like the Basic Grey Notch Tool) and this article may just give me the nudge I need to go out and do a little shopping.

They also have the results from the Reader’s Choice awards where over 13,000 people voted online for their favorites in many different categories. It was fun to read about the winning products and companies.

There are a few other sections of the magazine, but you just may need to go out and pick one up yourself since I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises!