Creation Crafts

I thought that in conjunction with my blog over the Biblical account of creation I’d share with you some crafting ideas. I must admit that I really don’t have many creative bones in my body (although I do try) so I adapted some of these ideas from things I found while browsing around on the internet.

A Creation Book
Have your children draw pictures for each of the days of creation on separate pieces of paper. You might even encourage older children to write in the description that corresponds with that particular day of creation. Bind the pages in any form that you prefer (you could use staples or even put the pages in a notebook). For a smaller version of this book allow the children to draw on index cards. Punch holes in the cards and bind the cards together using yarn or metal rings. This size of book could easily be brought along for your children to read wherever they go.

A Creation Wheel
Depending on the age of your children, you may need to do a little prep work for this craft. Start by cutting out two large construction paper circles (of equal size). In the first circle draw lines dividing the circle like a pie so that you have ‘slices’ which correspond to the days of creation. For the second circle, cut out one piece of the pie that corresponds to the same size as the slices on the first circle. Have your children to draw in items relating to each of the days of creation. Bind the second circle on top of the first circle using a metal brad right in the middle of the circles. Now your children can rotate the circles to reveal the different days of creation.

Daily Creation Posters
One way to tackle the story of creation with your children is to teach each day of the story one day at a time over one entire week. A good crafting idea to go along with this style of teaching is to make what I call daily creation posters. For each day of creation allow your children to make a poster of what God created on that day. This can be done through drawing, coloring, or even cutting out appropriate figures for the lesson and gluing them to the poster. The poster could be any size that you wanted. After each day’s lesson, hang up the poster somewhere in your home where your children pass by regularly. When it is time for the next day’s lesson you already have a pre-made visual aid for reviewing the previous day’s story.