Creative Collages Scrapbook Layouts

Designing scrapbook layouts is a fun way to give your scrapbook personality. There are so many options for scrapbook layouts, it is often hard to decide on just one layout. Personally, my favorite layouts always include photo collages.

I enjoy creating collages of my son for his scrapbook. For example, if we went to the beach and I took photos of him playing in the sand with a beach ball and holding a sea shell, I would create a layout and make a collage of those three photos. Then, I would design a page with shell designs around the edges, and perhaps, place blue ribbon or a thick string that resembles a rope around the edges of the photos.

I typically create the collage of photos first, and then design the rest of the layout around the photos. For example, if I took four photos of my son playing in the grass on a fall day, I would collage the photos together on brown paper. I would then use green cardstock to make frames for the photos. Depending on the photo, I would then consider trimming the pictures into the shapes of leaves.

I always choose my colors, design and embellishments based on the photos that I want to collage together in my layout. I have taken several photos of my son at Christmas and made each one into a “photo ornament” on the layout with a Christmas tree in the center of the page. I cut out cardstock ornaments, and then place the photos in the ornament by cutting it into a circle and pasting onto the card stock.

Remember, holidays are the easiest themes to work with. For Valentine’s Day, consider hearts as photo frames. For Easter, consider egg-shaped photo frames. Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day are also easy to make from card stock. Use your photos to create your collage and use the holidays for a theme.

It is fun to be creative and make different collages for custom layouts. I have used cardstock to make a car, and then placed photos as passengers in the car. I would be very interested to know what designs other people have come up with using collages. If you’ve made a creative collage, please comment and tell me what it was. I would love to hear from you.

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