Creative Gift Album Suggestions

Creating gift albums can be a daunting task. Organization is key. There are so many different aspects to consider when sitting down to create or even planning a gift album. Here are some suggestions to make the whole process go a little faster and more efficiently.

Page Size

The page size of the album matters the most because if you plan to include many different photos, a larger page size will make that easier. If you only have a handful of photographs that you want to use, or you are following a theme throughout the album, you might choose to use a smaller size. There are several options for page sizes from the larger 12×12 and 12×15 to the much smaller 6×6 or even 5×5.

Album Theme

This is totally optional. Some scrapbookers like to follow a theme throughout the album. Sometimes its just a color scheme but other times it is something like a monthly theme, holiday theme or even a more direct theme like birthdays, vacation or something else. Deciding this ahead of time is a must so you can organize your supplies and have everything handy.


Selecting photographs for each page is key. Otherwise at the end, you may wind up with several extras or even not enough. This can cause a problem when you find yourself holding a photograph at the end that you really wanted to use in the album. Knowing your page size, figure out how many photographs you can include on that size page and then select that many photographs for each page. Keep in mind if you plan to enlarge any photographs that there will be less space to work with for other photos.


Having your supplies organized and even divided by page ahead of time is a huge time saver and will make the whole process go much smoother. Create page kits slipping the papers and embellishments, along with the photographs into each page protector in the album. This way you can just slip the items out and work on that page with everything right there.

One last tip: If you plan to create several gift albums at once, is it possible that you can just create copies of each page? Or could you do them at the same time so that you can get several done at once? This is the most efficient way to scrapbook. And don’t forget, there are album kits you can purchase that come with everything but the photographs.

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