Creative, Inexpensive Scrapbooking Storage Solutions

There is nothing better than being organized. That in itself can help save you money in the long run. However, getting to that point, sometimes seems like a long battle. It can get expensive if you are tempted by all the great storage devices and items that come out for all the great scrapbooking supplies available. There are certainly some alternatives.

For Magazines and Idea Books

It becomes difficult to sift through books and magazines for that perfect idea you could have scrap lifted, or what about that cool technique you wanted to try. Honestly, the most effective way to keep track of this stuff, is to pull the layouts, and articles out immediately. Keep them filed in a file folder, or use a binder to put them away for safe keeping. You can sort them and file them by categories like techniques, organization or other key phrases.

For Scraps

It does depend on the type of scrap, how you sort it, but scrap paper is often the most common item, scrapbookers seek storage alternatives for. While some scrapbookers use a file system, others prefer a bin. Some even use separate containers that can stack.

For Stamp and Ink Storage

In our dream world, we would have beautifully hand crafted drawer or wall unites like you see in the stores. That isn’t the most cost effective way though. A creative solution is to use a bookshelf and display them on edge the same way they do at the store facing out, perhaps by category. Still, another creative, cost effective storage method would be to place them in containers or drawer units by category. Use one drawer for ink pads, one for embossing powders and other stamping supplies.

For Often Used Supplies

My two most favorite methods for storing often used supplies are found in your kitchen. One, a dish washer silverware caddy (or even just a regular silverware caddy), and the second, a utensil turn about. Both of these items can keep often used supplies right at your fingertips and can be found for free or a rather low amount.

A few of my other most favorite creative storage methods include:

Dish Drainers – use them to sort cardstock, patterned paper, page kits, completed layouts before they go in your album. There are extremely inexpensive and very easy to find.


Binders – They come in handy anytime you need to sort or find storage for items. Even bulky items can work in a binder with page protectors. Papers, embellishments, scraps of paper or stickers, die cuts and sticker sheets, among plenty more.

I hope you were able to incorporate a few of these ideas into your scrapbook room and budget! Have any great ideas on ways to save money for organization? Please share!

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