Creative Maternity Mug Shots

Most pregnant women have their picture taken from the side to show off their pregnant profile. While this is a great way to record your progress, it can get boring week after week. To spice it up a little bit, try switching up your perspective. Depending on your angle, your picture can have a completely different mood.

For funny maternity portraits, try taking pictures from an angle that make your belly look oversize. For example, have someone take your picture from the bottom side of your belly with your face peeking over the top. Try looking scared or surprised, as though your belly is “taking over.” From the opposite angle, you can show off how your feet are slowly disappearing.

For interesting maternity portraits, find different ways to display how far along you are. One week you could write it on a small chalk board and hold it by your belly. One week you could spell it out with baby blocks. One week you could paint it on your belly. Another week you could spell it out on your fingernails in bold colors and take a close up of you holding your baby bump. The possibilities are endless.

Another way to capture your belly in a new light is through silhouette. The simplest method to do this is to take a picture of your profile in front of a bright window without flash. Try different poses to see which works best. You might have to move your hands around to make sure they are not blocking the camera’s view of your bump profile.

I also love portraits that highlight things like cravings or common symptoms. A shot of you holding your back and wincing will make you laugh in the future, even if back pain is no joke right now. A shot of you using your belly as a snack tray for your favorite pregnancy cravings is cute, too.

Get creative and stop standing in front of a blank wall every week. Anything you do out of the ordinary will add interest to your pregnancy album.

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