Creative Organizing On a Budget (1)

scrapbook organizationStaying organized is the key to scrapbooking on a budget. Supplies that are organized are easier to find, saving you money from buying more, or replacing something. However, without a system to your organization, it becomes a challenge and the mess comes right back each time.

Here are a handful of tips to get you started on the right foot.


Even the most organized scrapbooker can end up buried under magazines and idea books. How do you find that layout you want to scrap-lift, if you cannot figure out where it came from? And with all those magazines, you’re never going to find it. So create an Inspiration Binder. All you need is a 3-ring binder and clear page protectors. Whenever you see a layout that inspires you, or that you’d like to duplicate, tear it out and place it in your Inspiration Binder. Throw the magazines away afterwards and you’ll be on your way to a more organized system.

Ribbons and Fibers

Many scrapbookers have discovered ribbon storage boxes, but that isn’t the most cost effective way to store everything. Again, you will need a 3-ring binder. In addition you will need some pocket page protectors, like baseball card protectors. Ribbon and fiber lengths can fit easily into the baseball card holders. You can sort everything by color, and when you are in need of something to “tie it all together”, you can just flip through the binder and find just the right embellishment.


Don’t turn your nose up at stationary. It works just as well as some of the patterned papers you pay double that amount for. It also adds less weight to your overall album.

8.5×11 Papers

I don’t scrapbook in this size anymore, however I still have loads of paper. To store it easily, purchase another 3-ring binder and fill it up with page protectors. Then sort your papers and place them in the sheet protectors. You can sort by color, theme or pattern. It makes it easy to find just the right paper each time. Additionally it keeps your papers from becoming damaged or bent.

Alphabet Stickers

Stretch your alphabet sticker budget further by cutting the letters to use them. You can combine letters to become other letters, obviously a “M” can become a “W” a “0” can become an “O”, you can trim a “K” or “H” to become “I”’s and an “F” can be created by snipping an “E”. Don’t forget to mix and match your letters on layouts to reuse what you have leftover on your sticker sheets too.

More great tips for creative organizing on a budget, coming soon!