Creative Organizing On A Budget (2)

Because I am such an organization fanatic, I bring you the second article in a two part series on Creative Organizing on a Budget. Staying organized is the key to scrapbooking on a budget. And these additional tips should come in handy!

Foam Stamp Storage

I have a ton of these little foam stamps. I have everything from alphabets to hearts and flowers, insects and swirls too. Because I have so many of them, it is really hard to find what I am looking for when I am ready to use them.
Currently my storage consists of a rolling plastic cart with drawers.
It’s just not working, because I can’t find anything. Recently, I met a scrapbooker who might have solved might dilemma for me. She purchased Velcro and adhered it to the back of each stamp. She then took a huge piece of foam board, and placed Velcro on the foam board. She hung the foam board on the wall and adhered her stamps in categories on the piece of foam board. It will probably take me two pieces to complete my project, but I think that will be easier to find what I am looking for.

Regular Stamp Storage

It would be great to purchase some of those wooden drawer units that are sold for storing rubber stamps, but they are too costly. If you purchase a hunter’s ammunition box or a fishing tackle box, you might solve your problem. Look for one that has around 100 compartments. They sell for pretty cheap. You can then store your stamps in these little areas. Again, mine are in a plastic rolling cart with drawers. That actually works well for me, because I don’t have too many stamps yet. But my collection has been growing with the introduction of all the adorable alphabet stamps, so I am going to have to expand soon.

Tool Turnabout Storage

Pampered Chef has a “Tool Turnabout” that almost every scrapbooker who has one, swears by! The Tool Turnabout is a lazy susan for kitchen tools. However in your scrapbook area it can hold scissors, tools, rulers, glue sticks, pens, hole punches and more! The best part is, it simply twirls, so when you are looking for something, just give it a spin. Contact a Pampered Chef Consultant to purchase one, or look for a similar item at a kitchen store!

Dish Drainer

A dish drainer for the kitchen can become a really inexpensive flip file for Cardstock. It’s cheap and it’s really easy to just set it on your desktop. It holds 12×12 cardstock and allows you to sort paper by colors. You’ll be able to just flip through your stash quickly to find what you are looking for.

Die Cut Storage

Who doesn’t totally love their Sizzlit, Quickcutz, and Zipemate fonts and shapes? The cases that are provided however, are less than perfect when you are wanting to organize and store these little dies. Purchase a binder and page protectors that are designed to hold floppy disks. They can be found where office supplies are sold. You can then just place the dies into the floppy pockets and insert the protectors into the binder.

I hope you were able to incorporate a few of these ideas into your scrapbook room and budget! Have any great ideas on ways to save money for organization? Please share!