Creative Stamping Techniques for Your Scrapbook Layouts

Looking to find some new ways to use your stamps? Or are you just starting out and would like to find some tips on how to use your stamps properly?

I’ve compiled a list of some fun techniques you can try with your stamps both for scrapbook layouts and card making.

Basic Stamping
Basically this is like Stamping 101, you just place the rubber stamp onto the ink pad. Next you stamp the image on your paper where you would like it to go. Press firmly and no not rock the stamp from side to side. If you’d like to actually lighten the color of your image, stamp the rubber stamp two or three times on scrap paper before stamping your final image on your layout or card.

Using Brush Markers for Ink

You can use these markers to apply ink directly to your stamp. If you will be using multiple colors, be sure to breath or mist on the stamp to remoisten all ink before applying the image to your paper. Go ahead and color the entire stamp. What’s nice about using brush markers is that you only have to color what you want on the stamp. It allows for greater versatility and a broader use for that particular stamp!

Two Step Double Stamping
Typically these are sold in sets. You purchase a stamp and it comes with a second stamp with a more detailed image on it. They also come with greetings or such. You will take your first stamp, and ink it using a light ink color. Press onto paper. Take your second stamp and ink in a darker color, directly over the first image that you stamped. Voila – Double Stamping.

Masking Technique
I love masking images. It makes them look like they are literally a part of your layout or card. It’s fairly easy to do once you learn. Just stamp your image onto your paper or layout. Then, stamp again on scrap paper. Take the piece of scrap paper and cut the image out. You will then need to lay the cut out image over the part of the previously stamped image that you want to protect. Now it’s time for you to stamp your second image on your paper or layout usually slightly over the first image. This is done sometimes with the original stamp or sometimes with a new stamp (i.e. leaves and flowers) When you remove the scrap paper image, you will see two images, the first in front of the second.

Creating Movement
Creating the illusion of movement with stamps is fun. You will need to stamp your image several times, moving the stamp slightly to one side each time. Do not re-ink the stamp while you are doing this. It shades the image and gives it a look of movement. You can also move the stamp without lifting it to create a faster motion effect.

Try out these fun stamping techniques on your layouts today! Have fun!