Creative Uses for Eyelets and Brads

Brads and eyelets have been a staple embellishment in the scrapbooking world for years. I know some people have considered eyelets to really be out of style since they were so loud to set on the page. Things are changing and I have noticed lots of eyelets and brads being used on layouts.

I would like to share some ideas I have see and thought up that are fun ways to incorporate brads and eyelets into your pages.

Create a frame around your picture. This is a fun way to really highlight your photo and help it “pop” off the page. You could use all the same color of eyelets or brads for a more muted look or spice things up with a multi-colored frame around your photo.

Use them to attach things to your page. Rather then using adhesive, a brad or eyelet is a fast and simple way to attach items to your layout. This is especially helpful when attaching transparencies or vellum to your layout so that you don’t have to worry about the adhesive showing through.

Create a shape out of the eyelets or brads. Trace a fun shape like an arrow, star, heart, or swirl onto your paper and then place eyelets or brads at even intervals along the shape. I suggest first piercing the hole for the brad or punching the hole for the eyelet, then erase your pencil marks and then add the brads or eyelets to your page.

Make a picture. Use brads or eyelets as a fun embellishment for your page. You could make a flower, house or anything that would support the theme of your page.

I challenge you to pull out your eyelets and brad and challenge yourself to use them on one of your next layouts. I’m sure you will like the results.