Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Facebook

After you’ve personally announced your pregnancy to your family and closest friends, the rules loosen up quite a bit when it comes to how you announce it to everyone else. A popular way to announce a pregnancy these days is through social networking sites like Facebook. There are tons of creative ways to do it, from the most subtle to the most outlandish. What you do depends on your personality and sense of humor.

For those that enjoy the subtle approach, a fun way to let people in on your secret is to add an extra tag to a photo of yourself. Upload a recent photo and tag your stomach with a name like “baby #2,” “baby Smith,” or “due March 23rd.” Have fun watching people notice the subtle announcement. Once one person notices and extends their congratulations, many more will follow.

Your profile picture presents another opportunity for a cute pregnancy announcement. If you already have a child, have him or her pose for a photo wearing a t-shirt (or holding a sign) that says, “I’m a big sister” or “I’m a big brother.”

Add the My Family app to your profile and choose the pregnant mom stick figure for yourself. If you’re not familiar with the app, it allows you to select from a large group of stick figure characters and name them for each member of your family. You can display the family on your profile. This is another one of those subtle announcements that may take a while for someone to notice. You’re likely to get the question, “Are you pregnant?!” on your wall, which will give you the opportunity to say “yes” and watch the excited responses roll in.

You can use links to announce your pregnancy. Create a blog post or create a video announcement, then post the link to your profile. The added benefit is you can include a lot more details. You can also drag out the news by putting the announcement at the very end of your blog post or video.

Post a vague hint in your status for a mysterious announcement. Post the number and nothing else, “#2,” or mention some classic symptoms, “Cooking makes me so nauseous these days.” You could also post a clue in the form of a question, such as “What names go well with the last name Smith?”

You could always be blunt and simply post, “I’M PREGNANT” in your status. You’ll still surprise your friends and you might even get a few skeptics.

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