Crop In Style – Serious Style for the Scrapbooker

I am always on the look out for cute new purses. I don’t really know why I have a purse fetish, but I guess in ways it’s better than a closet full of shoes! They take up less room and are easy to store!

However, as a scrapbooker, I’ve always been drawn to larger purses so that I can bring my idea books, magazines and layout ideas with me. If you’ve ever tried to cram a magazine into a smaller purse, it just doesn’t work or it looks crazy sticking out the top.

Introducing the answer to all your problems – the Inspiration Collection.

Crop in Style, a leader in the scrapbook supply industry, has introduced the cutest new totes and messenger bags.

Now, I realize these aren’t exactly “purses”, but unlike many women, I am not trying to make a fashion statement with my purse. I carry a purse because of functionality (that and I’m horrible at remembering to bring certain things so if they are in the purse already – great!)

My favorite part of these roomy bags, is that all of them come with a graphic display window. Why does this matter? Because it’s loads of fun to create a scrapbook page specifically for that window! Show off your family, your business, your hobby, whatever….it slips right into the protective pocket and is displayed for everyone you come in contact with to see! I bet you get a lot of questions about your cute bag!

The messenger bags are 13.5″W x13″H x4″D, have that great graphic display window and a sturdy shoulder strap. They also have these great elastic embellishment cords, that you can decorate with beads, and other great scrapbooking products to customize and make the bag your very own. They come in navy, light blue and orange and feature a removable pocket divider, two large craft elastic storage pockets and fit either traditional sized scrapbook papers. That’s big enough for me!

The craft totes also sport three different bright colors – yellow, pink and teal. Also sizing in at 13.5″W x13″H x4″D, they come with the graphic display window and sturdy shoulder strap as well, in addition to those fun and creative elastic embellishment cords. Inside they feature a large storage compartment, two large craft elastic storage pockets, and a slip pocket. They too, hold those traditional papers. Roomy and practical!

Once again, Crop in Style has out done themselves with a terrific product made with the scrapbooker in mind!

If you own one of these great bags, I’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you love about them, or even what you don’t love.