Crop, Workshop or Party? How Do You Decide?

Are you planning an upcoming event or hosting an event for scrapbookers? If so, how do you decide whether to host a crop, host a workshop or class, or how to just have a party? It depends on what they event is for, and it depends on how many people are attending, what level scrapbooking they are at, and what they would like to see from an event.

Crops – A crop is typically hosted at someones home or at a large community center. These can be as intimate as a couple of people or as big as hundreds which of course is determined by space allowed. At a crop, usually everyone brings their own items, and just uses the time to scrapbook with others, get ideas from layouts that other scrapbookers have finished and just chat and have a good time.

Workshops and/or Classes
– A workshop or class is typically somewhere you go to learn something. Usually a technique is taught or a theme or anything relating to scrapbooking is discussed. This is more like an educational situation, and most scrapbookers who attend such an event, expect to learn something and walk away with a completed project.

Parties – These can be run just about anyway you want. A party is a party and is typically fun and while scrapbooking at a party should definitely be encouraged, it should be expected that most will get little done at this type of event. Usually door prizes and games and activities are prevalent at things like this. If you own your own scrapbooking related business, this might be an opportunity for you to demonstrate the items you have for sale, how they work or how they can help those in attendance.

Which is your favorite type of scrapbooking event to attend? If you were hosting, what type of event would you plan and for what size?