Crossfit Helps Me with Stress Levels

So, my stress levels have been high lately, and, thanks to the help of some people at work, I have found a new way to release much of the tension and stress… Through Crossfit. If you’re not familiar with Crossfit, it is an approach to fitness that is intense and exhausting. It is cardio and weightlifting all rolled into one. And it’s helping me get through the tough time I’ve been having.

I’ve blogged in the past about how exercise (and sleep) can aid in stress management, but I’ve never quite experienced anything like this before. Crossfit combines basic movements and weights into a workout that you do until you drop. I’ve experienced ten minute workouts that have left me more exhausted and working more muscles that routines I’ve done in the past that have lasted more than an hour. The mental strategies that are involved (such as knowing how hard you have to push yourself to finish), along with the endurance that you must have to push through, have significantly lowered my stress levels.

And if something happens, and I get stressed, it makes me look forward to the next workout. The other day, I hit a tractor tire 100 times with a sledge hammer… Talk about stress relief! And the best thing about Crossfit, there is a level for everyone. As a mother of three, I just gave birth four and a half months ago. I’m fat and out of shape. But some of the people I work out with have been working out for years. One is even a trainer (which really helps when learning what to do). All it takes is the motivation to get started. Give it a week, maybe two, and you’ll be hooked. And before you know it, you’ll stress levels will start to drop.