Curriculum Options – Traditional Religious Instruction

Curriculum Options – Traditional Religious Instruction

So you have decided to homeschool, now what? Several years ago homeschoolers did not have much to choose from in the way of curriculum and had an even harder time finding their options; not true today.

One option is to use curriculum that is traditionally religious based. This type of curriculum approaches learning from a creationist view as opposed to an evolutionary one.

Many Christian religious based curriculum companies offer testing services, grading, record keeping, and diplomas. With some you have the option of teacher assistance or you can take care of everything yourself. Other religious services may not offer the same so some investigation is warranted.

Some religious based homeschool web sites of interest are:

• Christian homeschoolers (Alpha Omega Publications), (Abeka), (Bob Jones University Press.)

• Muslim homeschoolers, and

• Jewish homeschoolers (Jewish Home Educators Network)

• Latter-Day Saints homeschoolers

Please keep in mind that these are just a few examples and many more can be found online. Whatever your religious beliefs, it is more than likely you can find a curriculum that matches your ideals.

Also, if choosing to do a religious based curriculum you might check into a co-op that is also of your beliefs. A co-op is a group of homeschool parents and their children who meet regularly to offer support, additional instruction, and opportunities such as field trips. They can offer some valuable information regarding curriculum and much needed support in your early days of homeschooling.

Religious based instruction can offer a variety of approaches to teaching your children. For example Alpha Omega Publications offers their program through either LIFEPACS which is different units of study in workbook form. You, the parent, grade and keep track of daily work and tests. Available also from Alpha Omega is their Switched-On-Schoolhouse CD program. All work is done on your home computer. The computer assigns the lessons, grades the work instantly, and records completed work and grades. The parent can manually go in and change a work assignment and adjust the schedule to what fits your home best. Alpha Omega also offers classes online. Virtual teachers assign, grade, and work with your child and you the parent monitor and assist in this process. This option works particularly well if you have older children with more advanced subjects that requires more specialized instruction.

Many other programs offer similar options, so be sure to do your homework and investigate thoroughly before choosing.

However, a less expensive alternative to online teachers is to find tutors. Retired teachers are wonderful alternatives as are co-ops. Let’s face it; there are some things that we are more comfortable teaching than others. I may feel more comfortable with teaching English, while another mom prefers math. So I can help her children with English and she can help mine with math!

If you are looking to instill or reinforce your family’s religious ideals into your children, religion based curriculum may be exactly what you are looking for.

What if you are looking for less traditional instruction for your children’s education? Believe me there are even more options that I will cover in my next blog!