Curtain Time

It’s that time of year. Family is coming for Christmas and suddenly you stop long enough to realize how many things haven’t been done throughout the year. I look at the windows and curtains and suddenly I see all the finger marks and dust that has accumulated. So this week is going to be a time of cleaning windows and washing curtains.

First it means taking off the curtain rod rings and all the hooks. Strange how those hooks come off easily, then into the washing machine with the curtains. The washing machine will only take two lined drapes, so that means only the drapes from the main bedroom which are floor length get done. I put the machine on a gentle cycle, as I don’t want to wreck them and have to buy new curtains. These curtains were in the house when we bought it and they are the exact color of the pale green walls, a very restful color for a bedroom. Supposedly people sleep better in room that are green, blue or mauve.

The first load of curtains has just come out of the washing machine, and now hang in the sunshine. Next went the lace curtains which go behind the drapes. We don’t have blinds just the lace curtains and then the heavy drapes.

Once the bedroom curtains are washing the windows were cleaned without any impediments to cleaning, then it will be time to put them all back and start on the next room.

One bedroom down now, windows cleaned and curtains back hanging up.

Next will be either the lounge room or the second bedroom. It’s times like these you tend to wish your house was smaller with fewer rooms and less curtains. It will be a busy week ahead. Oh well, it’s not something that happens all that often. In fact I’m not even going to tell you how ling it is since the last time the curtains were cleaned.

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