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Love the look and functionality of a custom closet? Here are some ideas that will help you crete your own custom closet from scratch without actually building one or buying one.

Custom closet systems are great. My husband put one in our old master closet and we are hoping to put one in our new master closet as well. But there are so many other projects for the house right now that a custom closet may have to wait a bit. With that in mind, I decided to take matters in hand to see what I could do, just with things we already have in the house, to gain us some of that custom closet feel.

An easy remedy is to put a set of dresser drawers in the closet. A small dresser could fit in and provide storage options of lingerie, t-shirts, socks, and more. Even out of season items, such as bathing suits in the winter or sweaters in the summer, could be stored conveniently. If you don’t happen to have a chest of drawers available, pick one up from a thrift store or (And click here to get a quick tip on getting the musty smell out of drawers.)

Any type of stackable boxes might work for a closet solution. Office-type clear boxes or even milk crates could stack nicely in a closet. They are especially good for storing t-shirts, pants and sweaters. You can get open boxes or ones with their own drawers. Use whatever works for you.

A quick custom closet fix could be had by simply installing another pole for hanging clothes. An inexpensive dowel can be mounted below your existing pole. Hang short items, such as jackets and tops on the top pole and longer items on the bottom one.

Stand alone show shelves can quickly organize shoes, and hanging shoe racks are best for pantyhose, hair accessories, scarves and more.

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