Cutting Multiple Coupons

Now that you know where to find multiples of the Sunday insert coupons, fear not! You don’t need to cut all these out one at a time. Here is a quick and easy way to cut multiple inserts. Depending on how many inserts you have, you will need lots of room. This is also something that the kids can help you out with. My kids always liked helping me put inserts together.

1. Separate your inserts into the three piles: Smart Source, Valassis, P&G

2. Depending on where you got your inserts, the insert dates might be different. If you look on the binding of the insert, it should tell you the date the insert came out. Start with the Smart Source and make sure all the dates are the same. If they are different, make a separate pile for each different date.

3. Start by separating the pages of the first booklet and laying them out individually. Take the next booklet and do the same thing, laying the pages of the second booklet on the matching pages of the first booklet. You’ll want to make separate stacks of similar pages.

4. Repeat the process until all the insert pages are matched up. If you come to a two-pager, just tear the page down the middle and proceed as normal.

5. When you got all the same pages together you have two options:

A. Staple each stack together at the coupon (be careful not to staple the bar code), then go through and very carefully cut out each packet of stapled coupons, taking care not to cut off the expiration dates or bar codes. This works best with about eight pages; anymore than that will cause the pages to slide too much and cause you to chop off parts of the coupon you need, like the expiration date or bar code.

B. You can also choose to just staple the stack in one place and file them away in your filing cabinet. Then, when you need the coupon, just pluck out the packet and clip the coupons you need.

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