Cut Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

What if I told you that you could cut your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease if you took a pill once or twice a day? Imagine that your risk would go down by a whopping 42 percent!

Does this pill cost a lot? Not really. And instead of an actual pill, you simply have to consume good, fresh produce, plus fish, nuts and vinaigrette salad dressing. While getting enough good stuff in your diet may seem like a pill at first, the benefits are well worth any change you may have to make.

Researchers at Columbia University found that adults older than 65 whose diets included this food plus a limited amount of full-fat dairy products, such as whole milk and ice cream, cut their chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease by that 42 percent.

Even adults whose diets were quite as good but still included those healthy ingredients mentioned were 23 percent less likely to manifest Alzheimer’s.

Based on this study, what type of produce should you include in your diet to lower your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease? The best choices include leafy greens, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.

While the study didn’t mention this next part, I’m going to go one step further and suggest that you look into organic produce. Some vegetables are higher in pesticides than others. Green leafy vegetables are one of the worse, while broccoli isn’t as bad. Because the jury is still out on what exactly pesticides will do to you (some study suggests a very strong link to ill health), it is better to be safe than sorry.

You can usually find many different choices in organic produce at your local grocery store, or go one step better and shop at a local farmer’s market or join a community supported agriculture group.

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